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Welcome to the Ansel Group

The Ansel Group Nottingham clinic is a 24 bed specialist residential mental health service designed and built to the latest draft guidance for our patient population, male adults with complex mental health needs, challenging behaviours and personality disorders.

Our skill is in addressing each patient’s persistent, underlying disorders and behaviours in addition to their overlying mental health and general well-being needs.

Our psychologically informed and planned services are delivered within an operational framework developed specifically to meet the needs of the patients.  Our approach is consistent, boundaried, safe, resilient and clinically directed.

The experience and broad skill set of our professional clinical team enables us to deliver a range of therapeutic interventions.  We are not a single model service.  We structure our approach to each patient’s changing needs.  Our services are offered in time limited episodes of care at an inclusive price and with agreed outcomes and break points.

    Typical patient characteristics

  • Frequent and demanding users of services
  • Substance mis-use and dependency
  • Regular placement breakdowns
  • Sustained relational and social functioning problems
  • Challenge existing service provision
  • Stalled progress
  • Admission criteria

  • Adult Men
  • Complex mental health needs, challenging behaviour and a primary or secondary diagnosis of personality disorder
  • Subject to a section of the Mental Health Act
  • Forensic histories
  • Capacity to engage
  • Referrals accepted from Tiers 1-6 including prisoners on hospital transfers
For more information please call on 0845 200 0465
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For more information please call on 0845 200 0465